Transport Safety

AGC Vinythai realizes that transport safety is very much important. With safe transport, the goods delivery will be on time and there will be no impact to everyone’s life and routes that locals use. 

AGC Vinythai have conducted various transport safety programs such as;

  • Conducted meetings between the Company and transporters;
  • Organized training courses to raise driver awareness and ensure safety;
  • Inspected transport vehicles regularly;
  • Evaluated logistics service providers and made awards;
  • Avoided transporting during rush hours;
  • Provided dangerous goods safety awareness training for relevant parties;
  • Ensured the safe nomination of bulk vessels and compliance with Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) procedures.
  • Set Truck Service Year in order to prevent accident caused by truck conditions.
  • Installed Fatigue and Distraction System into all trucks who carry out Vinythai’s products, more than 172 trucks were installed the Fatigue and Distraction Detection System.
  • Partially switch Salt Transport from Truck mode to Train mode to reduce Salt Truck on public road.
  • Implemented Logistics 4.0 for PVC and Caustic Soda delivery for On-line tracking delivery status and immediate satisfaction evaluation by customer after delivery.
  • Complied social distancing principle to all LSP activities such as On-line safety training, MS Teams meeting, mask wearing, hand cleaning, Tor.8 and work from home.

Enhancement of Logistics by train transportation mode

The salt transportation by train would decrease CO2 emission from truck by using train transportation 43% of salt capacity. CO2 emission can be reduced 3,598 tCO2 /Year. Moreover, this mean can help minimize accident too.

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