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AGC Vinythai conducts itself as a good corporate citizen and operates its business in accordance with its clearly defined duties and responsibilities to society and environment which are

  • Creating business practices and implementing activities that are responsible and beneficial to society, both in the short and long term, and focusing on business transactions with trade partners who share common intentions regarding social and environmental responsibility.
  • Supporting learning and skills development among youths and the public and promoting awareness of natural resource and environment preservation in communities and Thai society.
  • Providing correct information, creating understanding, and listening to problems and information about impacts on surrounding communities with a view to implementing appropriate solutions, all based on the principle of co-existence between the company’s plants and communities for mutual benefit and without conflict.
  • Supporting beneficial activities, especially in areas where the company’s businesses are located, taking into consideration suitability and providing sustainable benefits to society and communities.
  • Supporting public activities and national development policy for the country’s benefit as a whole.
  • Considering how to utilize natural resources with minimum impact on society, the environment and quality of life.

The aim of mutual benefit and harmony between the company’s industrial activities and society is further enhanced as following areas:


Environmental Conservation


Health and Safety


Educational Support for Youths


Activities Supporting Religion, Traditions and Important National Days


Occupational Development and Community Well-being

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