Project RCA 5 – A

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Under the highest efficient use of natural resources concept of 3Rs, the principle of wastewater treatment begins with reduction of wastewater quantities and segregation of waste right from the beginning. The principle ensures optional use of natural resources and efficient treatment of wastewater by continuously monitoring the COD in water around the clock.

Effluent quality under all parameters was within standards. BOD and COD levels were below 80% of the standard. Wastewater samples are collected and analyzed daily. Wastewater is treated by activated sludge process. Effluence is discharged into Chak Mak public drainage canal.

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The system begins with inventory of all industrial wastes, full control of waste storage, transport, and transfer for safe disposal.

In addition, the company also applied the 3Rs concept to promotion of Circular Economy with the aim to stress cost-effective resources utilization and minimize volumes of waste to be disposed. This initiative not only protects the environment but takes care of our communities’ well-being.

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